(1 hour per day).  This will be a fully simulated English class in which respected works of American literature will be read, analyzed, written about, and debated by ISPA’s international students.  Emphasis will be placed on the development of critical reading and writing skills, creative thinking, peer collaboration, public speaking, and informed debate. Taught by experienced American English teachers from the best private schools.

英语课程 (文学研究和写作)

(每天1小时).  这将是一个完全模拟的英语课程,课堂中会接触受人尊敬的美国文学作品让国际学生预科学院ISPA学生阅读,分析,写作,和讨论。重点将放在批判性阅读和写作能力,创造性思维,小组合作,公众演讲,和辩论等方面的发展。由经验丰富的最好的美国私立学校英语教师任教。