(1 hour per day). This class will focus on the rhetoric and structure of the English language in academic and spoken situations. Students will practice 1) basic and advanced speaking, and 2) writing and listening skills, with particular emphasis placed on grammar, sentence structure, verb usage and agreement, and punctuation.  The course also addresses the behavior and attitudes found in the modern US classroom, especially the differences of formality.  This class will also introduce students to the general requirements needed for the TOEFL test.


(每天1小时). 这个课程将着重于在英语的学术修辞和结构使用以及口语对话。学生将练习1) 基本和高级英语口语, 2) 写作和听力技巧,特别强调对于语法,句子结构,动词用法与协议,和标点符号。该课程同时指出在现代美国课堂上发现的行为和态度,尤其是形式差异。本课程还将向学生介绍一般参加托福考试的要求。