Students will attend several lectures after dinner, delivered by visiting experts in their fields.  These lectures will focus on broader aspects of American culture and history.  Lecture topics in the past have included: 1) Balancing Police Powers With the U.S. Constitution, 2) The Role of Jazz and Blues in American Cultural History, 3) American Individualism, 4) What Are US Universities Looking For In International Students?, 5) Global Venture Capital and Economics, 6) The Benefits and Challenges of Public Service and Democracy, 7) US Private School Admissions, and 8) Using “Big Data” to Improve Urban Life.  Past speakers have included US Congressmen, MIT professors/mathematicians, Economists, business leaders, university admissions directors and college placement specialists, music and history professors, and senior police officers from major US cities.


学生在晚饭后将参加一些不同的讲座通过访问各自领域的专家。这些讲座将重点关注在更广泛的美国文化和历史方面。过去的讲座主题包括: 1) 平衡警察权力与美国宪法  2) 爵士乐和蓝调在美国文化历史中所扮演的角色 3) 美国个人主义 4) 美国大学在国际留学生中寻找什么? 5) 全球风险投资和经济学 6) 公共服务和民主的好处与挑战 7) 美国私立学校招生8) 使用“大数据”来改善城市生活。过去的演讲者包括美国国会议员,麻省理工学院教授/数学家,经济学家,商界领袖,大学招生部主任和升学专家,音乐和历史教授,以及来自于美国主要城市的高级警员。