sandra-comasDr. Sandra Comas

(ISPA’s Leadership & Public Speaking Teacher)


MA in French and Latin American Studies, Stanford University
PhD in Humanities, Yale University
MBA from IE Business School, Madrid
Further Studies at the Sorbonne and the École Normale Supérieure


Currently, Dr. Comas is a Visiting Professor of Organizational Behavior at IE Business School, a Visiting Scholar at Brown University, and a leadership consultant at IPG Mediabrands. She has taught at Yale, Stanford, and the City University of New York. Dr. Comas earned a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Women Leaders Award from IE, an Andrew Mellon Award from Stanford University, and the Morse Faculty Fellowship from Yale University.

Sandra has taught at Yale, Stanford, and the City University of New York. Dr. Comas earned a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Women Leaders Award from IE, an Andrew Mellon Award from Stanford University, and the Morse Faculty Fellowship from Yale University. She is a Fellow at Timothy Dwight College at Yale.

Dr. Comas’s work in leadership brings humanistic learning into the development of thoughtful, creative leaders for tomorrow. She believes that each person is unique and is also part of a collaborative group dedicated to higher purpose and greater challenges. In her teaching she guides students to know themselves better, develop their knowledge and skills, and facilitate their learning to work with others in achieving goals. She loves to see students grow in their ability to speak publicly, be confident, and become the leaders they are meant to be.


jennifer-gayeJennifer Gaye

(ISPA’s English/Literary Analysis & Writing teacher)


Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Georgia State University (1993)
Masters of English Education degree from Georgia State University (2000)


Jennifer is currently the Chair of the English Department at University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan. She has been teaching for more than ten years in independent schools and has extensive experience teaching abroad and working with international students in the US.

Educational Philosophy

Jennifer allows her students to be who they are and to challenge their own perceptions about the world around them. She believes that it is important for students to take responsibility for their own learning and that her role is to offer a safe environment with clear boundaries in which they can explore these emerging ideas and begin to become the people they want to be. This can be a particularly challenging task when facing the modern teenager whose natural habitat is increasingly digitized and technologically skewed. This new way of interfacing with the world has opened students to varied experiences previously unavailable and Jennifer thinks that it is important that they learn to navigate and balance their experiences with technology so that they maximize its benefits without falling prey to the negative aspects.

However, one of the most important aspects of Jennifer’s philosophy involves tending to the social and emotional well-being of students. This is the most important and enjoyable part of the work that Jennifer does—this interaction with kids, this getting to know another human being in the particularly special way that develops in a learning community. It is important that students learn to be good people and not just good students and it takes real, intensive work to help students learn to value difference, live with love, and make choices that are rooted in their own integrity. Jennifer strives to convey a concept or get her students to think about issues and concepts from a different perspective, but without this exchange of ideas and emotions, there can be no real learning. Jennifer has found that students from all backgrounds and ability levels respond to “the genuine”. Her interactions with students are infused with clarity, honesty and compassion. It is important that students know that their teacher is a real person and that he/she is truly concerned with who they are as individuals.


andy-hollowayAndrew Holloway

(ISPA’s ESL & TOEFL Preparation Teacher)


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Management from Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Master of Science Degree in Education (summa cum laude) from Hodges University
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Trinity College, London


English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor and Assistant Professor.
Specializes in teaching ESL, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses.

During his more than fifteen years’ teaching experience, Andy has had the pleasure and honor to teach students from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds encompassing all levels of language skills and abilities. He has held teaching and training positions in schools, language institutions, and universities in the United Kingdom, Mexico, and the United States of America including: International House, London, UK; University of Reading, Berkshire, UK; Harmon Hall Language schools, Cancun, Mexico; and Hodges University, Naples, Florida.

Andy is a high energy individual who brings a unique blend of integrity, reliability, and versatility to the classroom. His extensive knowledge, patience, and humor have allowed him to develop a personal approach that helps students overcome their inhibitions and challenges. His work as a teacher trainer, mentor, and certified Blackboard Learning Management Software trainer has enabled him to blend traditional and modern teaching techniques to address the needs of individual students and make him an outstanding professional in the field of language teaching. Andy loves bringing his creative lesson planning and teaching skills to create classroom environments that accommodate the needs of individual students while still promoting a high level of critical thinking and writing skills. Some of his most satisfying experiences as an instructor have come from helping struggling students to grasp difficult concepts, through a combination of individual sessions, classroom activities, and group discussions.


scott-milesScott Miles

(ISPA’s American History teacher)


B.A. in Political Science, University of North Carolina

M.Ed in Educational Leadership, Florida Gulf Coast University


For three years Scott has worked at the Community School of Naples (private, kindergarten – 12th grade) as an American History teacher.  Prior to this, Scott worked at Canterbury School in Ft. Myers, Florida where he taught American Government, Civics, American History and World History. As a member of Canterbury¹s Upper School Scott served as Dean of Students, Activities Director, and Student Council facilitator for four years.  Scott was a member of the Middle School serving as Associate Director and then the Director of the Middle School.

Scott’s classes are high energy and his teaching philosophy is based on the thoughtful inclusion of students who are asked to actively participate in their own educations. Scott believes that confident classroom participation and taking responsibility for one’s own education are the paths to true learning. Scott asks students to “make meaning” from what they learn (rather than simply memorize names and dates) and provides a truly authentic educational experience for his history students.


colleen-vaseyColleen Vasey

(ISPA’s Assistant Director/Director of First Aid)


B.S. Elementary Education, University of Tennessee
M.S. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Tennessee
Further Studies in Education and History at University of Maryland, Oxford University and Cambridge Universities, UK


Colleen works closely with the Director and all faculty members to develop and implement ISPA’s academic and social programs including curriculum development and extracurricular activities. Colleen also oversees any medical issues that arise while students attend ISPA and works closely with the local hospital and doctors.

Prior to working for ISPA, Colleen taught in Knoxville, Tennessee, worked for the Department of Defense Schools in Yokosuka, Japan, was Head Teacher at King & Low-Heywood Thomas School (Stamford, CT), and taught at Community School of Naples (Naples, FL).

Colleen believes that education is more than what happens in a classroom. Students who have the opportunity to explore and be educated beyond their home schools develop into citizens of the world who are able to understand and empathize with diverse cultures. At ISPA, we realize that all students are unique and have much to offer. We specialize in recognizing the individual needs and strengths of students and help them develop their talents. At the end of ISPA’s academic and cultural program, our international students are better prepared to meet the challenges of a changing world.


scott-vaseyScott Vasey

(ISPA’s Founder & Director)


B.A. in Political Science, Wittenberg University (1989)
M.A. in English Literature & Education, New York University and Oxford University, UK (2000)
Further studies in Medieval History at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, UK (2000-2009)


Scott is the Founder & Director of International Students Preparatory Academy (ISPA), an elite academic summer program for the most motivated and ambitious international students.

Prior to founding ISPA, Scott was the Director of Admissions at Community School of Naples (Naples, Florida). Before that, Scott taught high school English at some of America’s best private high schools (King & Low-Heywood Thomas School, Community School of Naples, and Stuyvesant High School in New York City).

Scott is deeply dedicated to the idea that education in an international setting is the best way to prepare students for the new global challenges that await them in their careers and in life. Identifying the very best American private school teachers, bringing them to ISPA for the summer, and then allowing them to work closely with motivated international students is Scott’s priority, and working with ISPA’s international students is Scott’s greatest pleasure and privilege.