Why ISPA for my child?

1. One word: preparation

The decision to have your son or daughter come to the U.S. to study at an American school is enormous, and there are certain challenges that will be associated with that decision.
The first challenge will be the admissions process itself.  Your child will be competing with other domestic and international students for admission to America’s best schools, and Admissions Directors will look for students with the most developed and broad-based skill sets that indicate to them a likelihood of success at their schools…especially in the case of international students.  With pre-application preparation, your child will be able to present on paper and in person as a far more promising, refined candidate to American admissions directors.  This will increase his or her chances of admission.
The biggest challenge international students who have already been accepted to American schools face is pre-arrival preparation.  While most international students are intelligent and eager to begin their new academic and social experiences in the U.S., many are often under-prepared to make the most of their new American experience from the first day on campus.  Perhaps their spoken English skills are not refined enough to understand the quick and often casual conversations that are taking place in the classrooms; perhaps their writing skills are not sufficiently developed to meet their teachers’ grade-level expectations; perhaps their basic understanding of American and European history is not broad enough to keep up with their American teachers and classmates in those classes; perhaps the cultural differences between your child’s home country and America are such that integrating socially is excessively challenging.  In any case, ISPA’s goal is to minimize these challenges so that your son or daughter can make the most of their new American experience, academically, culturally, and socially, from Day 1.
In your decision to have your son or daughter study in the U.S., you have made a substantial investment in time, money and emotion.  This investment can be maximized and protected with either pre-application or pre-arrival preparation through a range of classes and experiences that are specifically targeted to the special needs of international students.

2. Safety

We at ISPA know that above all else, you expect your son or daughter to be safe while they are in the U.S.   As fathers and mothers ourselves, this is our top priority, too.  Your children will be under the watchful eye of our staff from the moment they arrive at the airport in New York City until the moment they say goodbye to us at that same airport at the end of the program.  Additionally.
•    All ISPA faculty will serve as guardians during non-classroom hours
•    All ISPA staff must pass a federal Level 2 background screening before they are hired
•    Special additional staff will actively monitor dorms and hallways throughout each night
•    All excursions will be screened for the very best, certified safety records, as will drivers’ records.
•    Fairfield University has its own 24-hour security staff that maintains an active security presence throughout its campus
•    ISPA students and staff will have electronic access to each other at all times, whether on campus or off campus

3. Medical Assistance

ISPA students will have access to the resources provided by two excellent local hospitals in Fairfield, CT, both within 5 minutes of Fairfield University’s campus.  Parents will be asked to provide a full medical profile of their child along with any special instructions our staff should be aware of.

4. Communication with ISPA

We at ISPA know that you may want or need to be in contact with your son or daughter in an emergency.  ISPA will always have one of its staff positioned in its office to respond to telephone calls or emails and respond to important parent communications.  We will also post a daily library of photos of students engaged in classes and activities which parents can view each evening.  You may be many miles from your son or daughter, but you’re only a phone call or an Internet connection away from our office and a friendly voice!  As mothers and fathers ourselves, we know that this is important to you.