We at ISPA know that schools and partners (recruiting agencies, government entities, real-estate agents, and many others) play an enormous role in identifying international students, helping them apply to U.S. schools, and then welcoming them to the U.S. before classes begin. ISPA can be a very helpful resource.
We all share the same goal: to make sure that international students make a seamless transition to the U.S. and, specifically, into their new American schools. But no one can see this process through by themselves…it takes a team. ISPA’s role in this process is to make sure the international student is well-prepared, academically, socially and culturally, to make the most of their new American experience from Day 1. This can make your jobs that much easier, and we hope you consider ISPA a partner.

American Schools

With the exception of the international student him/herself, American schools have the greatest interest in a new student’s smooth transition to the U.S.  As you probably know, identifying and accepting the best students is the easy part; the challenges begin when your new international students arrive on campus.  Will they be appropriately challenged?  Will their teachers know how to manage the challenges that come with a new international student joining their classrooms?  Will these students understand their new classroom dynamics and expectations?  Will the students be welcomed by their American peers as friends equals?  These are just a few of the many questions that schools must ask themselves given the enormous truest that’s been placed in them by their new international students and their families (who are many thousands of miles away and often not able to contribute to the process due to distance and language barriers).  The pre-arrival preparation ISPA offers will do much to smooth the transition and remove some of the risks the come with welcoming new international students.  We look forward to working with you!

International Students Placement/Recruiting Agencies

If you’re a international students recruiting/placement agency, it is a top priority to make sure your students have a fantastic experience in the U.S., beginning as soon as they get off the plane.  If your students join their new schools and are happy and prepared, your business succeeds because your clients are happy; if your students arrive in the U.S. and feel out of place and overwhelmed due to a lack of preparation, your clients will naturally be concerned.  ISPA can help make sure that the students you’ve identified are happy and do well in their new American schools from the first day of classes.  We hope you will feel free to contact ISPA with questions, and we look forward to helping your students make the most of their new American experiences!

Real Estate Agents/Agencies

In many cases, international students come to the U.S. with one or both parents and either purchase or rent homes near their new schools.  As real estate professionals, you want to do all you can to make sure these families are aware of as many resources as possible that will make their transition as smooth as possible.  After all, if new international families are happy home, school, and community, everyone wins.  For the international student, being happy at their new American school requires preparation, and this is where ISPA can help.  We hope you’ll consider ISPA as a new and helpful resource for your international families, and that you’ll contact us at any time with questions.