Why ISPA for me?

1. Preparation for Success!

As a student from a country other than the U.S., you have more invested in international study than anyone!  You are the one who will leave home and come to the U.S.  You are the one who will make new friends.  You are the one who will have to succeed academically in your new American school.  In other words, coming to the U.S. to study is a major commitment and, more than anyone else, you want your new experience to be successful.  ISPA can help you in that process.

If you are thinking about applying to an American school, the services ISPA offers will help you become a much more desirable candidate to Admissions Directors.  As a former Director of Admissions at the prestigious Community School of Naples, ISPA’s Founder and Director knows well what private/independent schools look for in international applicants. As a result, ISPA offers specially targeted pre-application preparation to international students which includes academic, social, and cultural concentrations.  You want to be successful throughout the admissions process, and ISPA will help prepare you.

Or, if you’ve already been accepted to an American high school, it will be very important to come to classes on Day 1 prepared to succeed.  For some international students, this is not a problem; for others, the first year of study at a new American school can be very challenging.  You’ll be living in a new country, speaking a new language, trying to understand teacher expectations in a new academic environment and trying to make friends in a new culture.  Of course, all of this a GREAT!  But, pre-arrival preparation can make the adjustment much less stressful for you by helping with written and spoken ESOL skills, TOEFL introduction, American and European history class preparation, a full preparatory English literature class, and numerous off-campus excursions and leadership/acculturation programs.  With a little effort (and a lot of fun!!), you’ll be less stressed and happier on the first day of classes at your new American school.  You’ll also be more successful.  Please review our course offerings and off-campus programs in the “Academic Program” section of ISPA’s website for more specific information.

2. And let’s not forget…FUN!

Of course, your time with ISPA will have to be fun as well as educational, and we will make sure of that.  For instance, our three-day weekends will be spent off campus on excursions to cities close to Fairfield, Connecticut, such as Boston, Washington DC and New York City.  We will stay in excellent hotels and be shown each city’s important sites with the help of trained guides.  There will also be some “down time”, which means time for shopping, eating, and just hanging out with your new friends from around the world.

On many evenings during the week, we will have more local off-campus events that take us into the charming town of Fairfield, Connecticut to eat at restaurants, see movies, go bowling, and enjoy Fairfield’s beautiful beaches and coastline.

When we do not go off campus, there will be wonderful plenary lectures delivered by experts in their various fields, as well as on-campus activities that will allow you to enjoy Fairfield University’s beautiful campus.  For more information, see ISPA’s “Extra-Curricular Activities” section…and keep checking back as more activities are added to our website!

3. The Teachers

Part of preparation is making sure what you learn while preparing matches closely with what you will encounter at your new American school.  This is very important to ISPA.  ISPA hires only experienced private/independent school teachers who teach in subject-specific departments at the best schools in America.  Will are especially interested in those teachers who are also department chairs at their schools.  Both the faculty and the material they teach at ISPA will represent what you’ll encounter on your new American campus

4. The campus

As an ISPA student, you’ll spend a month on one of the nicest university campuses anywhere (See information and photos in the “Location/Campus” section on the ISPA homepage).  Fairfield University has 200 beautifully manicured acres, and nearly every one of those acres will be open to you to explore and enjoy.  Your dorms and classrooms will be fully air-conditioned, you will have private bathrooms and showers, access to the best food and dining facilities, a campus store for food and clothing when you want them, huge green fields on which to play or relax and athletic facilities that are state-of-the-art.  And this is just the beginning!

5. The Town of Fairfield

Just a 20 minute walk from Fairfield University’s campus, the affluent town of Fairfield, Connecticut is simply beautiful.  It’s tree-lined main street, called the Post Road, runs through the town and is host to dozens of wonderful shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and other attractions.  Anything you need or want is right there!  And, since the town of Fairfield is situated on Long Island Sound, there are beaches to enjoy as well.  During your time with ISPA, you will have many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful town of Fairfield (see information and photos in the “Location/Campus” section on the ISPA homepage).