Language, cultural, and social education are the tools you need for success!


International Students

At the International Student Preparatory Academy, we know that adjusting to a new country can be challenging. Our mission is to provide you with the specific social, academic, and cultural skills you’ll need at your new school in order to be successful from the first day. Image from Flickr Creative Commons user UCB


At ISPA, we believe that students who are prepared at the beginning of the school year will have a smoother and more successful experience, and so will the teachers, classmates, and the international programs at their schools.


Our mission is to facilitate success for everyone involved.


Our program is 4-hours of class per day for 4 weeks, and covers the important skills that your student will need:

  • English Language Skills – The most important part of your student’s educational experience is understanding the language. English-learners will have English instruction in reading, writing, and speaking, so that they will feel comfortable, and won’t be left behind.


  • English Class Preparation – One of the most difficult classes for non-native speakers is English class. Your student will read, discuss and write about great works of literature. We prepare students for reading books and poetry by American and English authors, so that they can excel!


  • American and European History Preparation – History class offers a unique point of view to students, but every year the information is more advanced and builds on previous years. At ISPA, our History Preparation classes will teach the the basics of American and European history, so that your student enters school with the same level of knowledge as their peers.


  • Public Speaking, Leadership, and Cultural Acclimation – One of the challenges of your student’s year abroad will be understanding how to interact in a different culture. There are cultural rules and expectations which may be new to your student. And at ISPA, we help your student understand cultural expectations, so that they feel confident and ready to succeed.


Travel & Extracurricular Activities

At ISPA, we understand that not all learning is done in the classroom. Our weekend trips are designed to let your student visit more of the country that will be their temporary home.

We offer excursions to the major cities of New York, Boston, and Washington DC. Your student will visit fascinating historical areas, important museums, and breath-taking monuments. They will also experience the heart of contemporary America, making memories that will last a lifetime.


Our Campus

Our school is on the beautiful campus of Fairfield University, a classic New England college, in Fairfield, Connecticut. In this educational setting, your student will be living in comfortable university dormitories, and taking their meals in the university’s excellent dining halls. All meals and housing are part of the tuition.


Our Students

We care about our international students and their success in the United States! Our students come from around the world, with growing numbers from China, India, East Asia, and South America. It is an exciting time to study in America, and ISPA helps make that possible.


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The international student experience is both challenging and exciting. Whether you are a student considering studying in America, their parent, the host family, the Head of School, an international coordinator, or even a potential classmate, there are as many opportunities for confusion as there are to learn. The ISPA is here to help bridge that gap, to ensure that this opportunity and adventure is met with the highest level of success.