There are three reasons to prepare with ISPA: Focus, Faculty and Facilities.


ISPA has a fairly narrow focus: to offer international students the specific, targeted preparation they’ll need to be successful, academically and socially, at an American high school. We know that if international students can be productive, engaged, confident members of their new American schools from Day 1, then all of the time, treasure and energy spent on international study will have been worth it. We prepare.


ISPA has invested heavily in the very best faculty. Each ISPA faculty member has been selected for his or her experience at private/independent American schools in general, experience with international students in particular, and for their own university backgrounds. These are not counselors. Our faculty are carefully chosen private/independent school faculty members who will prepare ISPA students for the academic and social experiences and challenges they’ll encounter at their new American high schools.


ISPA will be housed at Fairfield University in the small town of Fairfield, Connecticut (one-hour drive from New York City; two-hour drive from Boston). Fairfield is one of New England’s premier universities, located on a beautifully manicured 200-acre campus on the Connecticut coastline. ISPA students will be housed in spacious, air-conditioned dorm rooms, each with a refrigerator and microwave oven. ISPA students will eat in a luxurious state-of-the-art dining room , and will attend classes in modern, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with the most modern teaching and learning technology. ISPA students will also have access to Fairfield University’s indoor athletic facilities (pool, basketball courts, etc.) during non-classroom hours. Please see our “Location” tab at the top of our home page for photos and maps!