“Chase Collegiate School is pleased to support International Students Preparatory Academy. Director, Scott Vasey brings a wealth of Admission experience to this program, targeted at serving international students transitioning to the U.S. to study in American middle and high schools. ISPA provides them the academic, social, and cultural skills necessary to succeed. The Fairfield University campus is an excellent location for this Academy, as it sits in Fairfield County, CT and is adjacent to the Metro NY area. Both locations are home to some of the best high and college prep schools in the nation. In addition, a world-class faculty has been hired to serve the international students enrolled in the program.“ …“追逐联合学校很高兴能支持国际学生预科学院。董事长衛斯给这个课程带来丰富的招生经验,针对服务国际留学生过渡到美国中学和高中学校留学。ISPA学院提供他们学术,社交,和文化等必要技能让他们去取得成功。费尔菲尔德大学校园对于这个学院来说是一个非常好的位置,它坐落在康州并且临近纽约州地区。这两个地方都拥有全国最好的高中和大学预科学校。此外,世界一流的师资队伍为了国际留学生都已经接受聘请并加入了这个学院。“