Mr.Vasey hosted me for the first year I came to the States. He was one of the most responsible host dads I have ever met. When I struggled with my English literature class and history class for the first couple of months, he helped me a lot to get used to the class materials. Thanks to his help, I was easily able to survive from the stressful first year in the States.  What’s more, he is very caring and empathetic to his students. He was always there ready to help whenever his students needed. ..Mr.Vasey 是我来美国第一年的寄宿家庭。他是我见过的最负责任的寄宿爸爸之一。刚来美国的头几个月,我很难适应我的英语文学课还有历史课。于是Mr.Vasey 总是在课后帮助我熟悉课堂内容。幸亏有他的帮助,我顺利地度过了那段困难的课堂适应期。Mr.Vasey 不仅是一个好的寄宿爸爸,他对他的学生还特别关心。不管他的学生什么时候需要帮助,Mr.Vasey总是很乐意帮助他们解决问题。