I felt sincerely honored to write about Mr. Vasey, my beloved teacher and friend during my years of study in the United States. As a new student in the country, adapting a new culture could be a harsh task, which is why I felt very lucky to have Mr. Vasey as my English teacher. While devoted in his job of introducing English literature to us, who were born and raised in China, he also welcomed us with tolerance and understanding that we needed the most. It is a pity to not have him in the school anymore, but I am genuinely sure about the fact that he can and had provided the help that was needed the most to an international student. ..能为我以及全体CSN中国学生挚爱的Mr. Vasey写评语,我感到非常荣幸。作为一名刚刚来到美国的国际学生,融入一种全新的文化和交流环境并不完全如我想象般的轻松加愉快。不过Mr. Vasey作为我在美国学习生活第一年间的英语老师,在认真地为我们介绍英文文学之外,也把我们介绍给了这所新的学校。他的包容和理解是我们这些中国土生土长的国际学生所最需要的。虽然无法再在学校看到他是非常令人遗憾,但我相信他的能力和人格可以并已经为一名国际学生提供他或她最需要的帮助。