“Thank you Mr. Vasey and ISPA for developing exactly the program that international students need before starting middle or high school in the United States. An introduction to life in the United States, writing for a high school English class, conventions and norms of communication, and a basic understanding of the structure and function of the government of the United States are all imperative to the success of a student from other countries. I wholeheartedly recommend that every student coming to the US to study participate in your program.” …“感谢衛斯先生和ISPA学院开展这个恰恰是国际留学生在进入美国初中或高中之前所需要的课程。一个介绍美国生活,高中英语课堂写作,交流的惯例和规范,美国政府基本的结构和功能等的课程是国际留学生取得成功的必修课程。我衷心建议来美的留学生都应该参与您的课程。”