At the recommendation of a school admission counselor, my two children have gone to attend the International Students Preparatory Academy (ISPA) program in the summer 2014. The ISPA Director Scott Vasey is indeed a gentleman and he is very professional in organizing the program. The ISPA team consists of very experienced teachers with impressive credentials and more importantly, they are devoted in guiding their students. The faculty members are caring, encouraging and at the same time they do not hesitate to push the kids to reach out and achieve.My wife and I have spent about ten days with the ISPA group. We lived in a student house nearby I must say Fairfield University is an excellent venue with good facilities and catering service, and most important of all, it is safe. The kids were looked after by the teachers who stayed in the same dorms as students.This ISPA program is an excellent jump start for international students who want to study in US. Both my kids enjoyed the course immensely and had a good taste of US education. My son is now studying at a Virginia prep school and he felt immediately at home on the first day when he stepped into the school parlor. Thank you ISPA for such a useful and enjoyable program. …在一所学校的录取顾问的建议下,我的两个孩子都在2014年暑期参加了ISPA学院的课程。ISPA学院董事长衛斯是一名绅士而且在组织这一系列课程中他表现的非常专业。ISPA学院团队由经验丰富并让人印象深刻的教师组成,更重要的是,他们都倾注所有一切去指导他们的学生。整个教师团队无微不至的关怀,鼓励学生,同一时间内也毫不犹豫的把孩子们推向取得成功的道路上。我和我的太太在ISPA学院里逗留了十天。我们住在学生宿舍附近,我必须说,费尔菲尔德大学是一个非常好的校园,拥有良好完善的设施和餐厅服务,更重要的是,它很安全。所有的学生和教师都住在同一宿舍大楼里并由教师照顾着。这个ISPA学院课程对于任何想来美留学的学生来说,是一个非常好的起跑点。我的两个孩子非常喜欢这个课程并且初尝了美式教育的甜头。我的儿子现在就读于费吉尼亚州的预科学院,开学的第一天当他走进学校大堂时,他就有一种回家的感觉。感谢ISPA学院提供这个非常有用和有趣的课程。