ISPA is an excellent resource for families of students embarking on a US education. As a school, it gives us great confidence to refer students to ISPA, knowing that they will arrive on our campus familiar with the daily routines of American high schools, including strategically designed short-courses on English literature and US History as well as daily athletic training and having received instruction in cultural idiosyncrasies. One student told me “the teachers at ISPA cared about me and were always available for help or conversation. I still keep in touch with them!” … 对于学生和家庭踏上美国教育,ISPA学院是一个极好的资源和选择。作为一间学校,它给了我们很大的信心去转介学生去参加ISPA学校课程,知道他们将来到我们的校园熟知美国高中的日常运作,包括对英语文学和美国历史设计的战略短期课程,以及每天的运动培训和所接触的文化特质。一个学生告诉我“ISPA学院的老师关心我并且总是给予我帮助并和我交谈。我会一直和他们保持联系!”