“In the ever-competitive world of admissions, participating in an intensive language immersion program prior to an international student’s enrollment in a private school can only help improve their overall academic performance. Choosing to enroll in a multi-faceted program such as ISPA can not only enhance a potential student’s knowledge of the English language but also offer encouragement for admission into a prestigious institute.” …“在招生竞争空前激烈的世界里,在一个国际留学生参加私立学校前参加一个密集的语言沉浸课程能够帮助他们提高整体的学术表现。选择报名参加一个多方位的课程,如ISPA学院,不仅可以提高学生的英语知识,而且还可帮助他们更容易的申请入读名校。”