“As an Admissions Director at a school that seeks to enroll highly qualified international students, we feel strongly that a program such as ISPA allows students who are academically-qualified to arrive on campus at the start of the school year well-prepared to meet the academic and cultural challenges ahead. Providing students the opportunity to become immersed in the language and the culture in the U.S. prior to their first day of school improves, greatly, their ability to be successful immediately in their American schooling experience.
We look forward to working with you and having our international students participate in your program.” …“作为一间学校的招生部主任,旨在招收高素质的国际留学生,我们坚信,一个课程,如ISPA学院让拥有学术资格的学生提前来到校园为迎接学年的开始做学术和文化挑战的准备。为学生在开学前提供他们机会沉浸在美国语言和文化中,从而大大的改善和提高他们在美国学校取得成功的能力。