Mr. Vasey helped me a lot during my first year in the States. His teachings about American culture and social customs can’t be found in books, but are vital for students who want to study in America because they help students adapt and fit into the new country more easily and smoothly.  Mr. Vasey is a very amicable and insightful man.  He is not only my teacher, but also my friend..Mr. Vasey 在我来美国的第一年给予了我很多帮助,很多他所教授的有关美国文化和社会的背景知识是在书本上学不到的,但这些知识却能帮助像我一样的国际学生更快适应美国的学习和生活。Mr. Vasey是一个非常和蔼可亲且有思想的人,他不仅仅是我的老师,更是是我的朋友。